WR: Ski, Fish & Create

I can’t believe Monday has come and gone already!

The weekend seems a blur at this point. Skis were skied, fish were landed and earrings were created.

First: Ski

I’ll admit it - I don’t love my super skinny cross country ski setup. Why? Because there just isn’t enough support. I use a backcountry NNN boot/binding on my Fischer Spiders, but if I even attempt to make a proper turn, I go down. And when pulling the chariot or carrying a kid, that is the LAST thing I want to happen. So, if I’m on this setup and you see me on the trail, you’ll likely see me going slow and avoiding hills at all costs. But, if I do speed up or ski a hill, you’ll find me doing a little ski shuffle dance if I gain any kind of speed. It’s actually quite amusing to watch...

With that said, XC skiing this weekend was incredible. We got about 3 miles in before Forest melted. He skied a bit, ate lunch in the sled and then he woke up after napping in the sled and wasn’t at all happy about it - promptly demanding he be carried ONLY by mama. After some time carrying him, my husband somehow convinced him it would be better to ski the last mile with him riding in the sled. I was BEYOND grateful (and so was my back).

On to Sunday...FISH!

Can I tell you a secret? We have NEVER ice fished before. Now, that husband of mine and I, we used to drown worms like PROS! It wasn’t until about 10-12 years ago that we went fly fish-only. But, the Rio Grande is very frozen at the moment and some friends invited us to do some ice fishing at a reservoir up the road.

I have wanted to ice fish for years and I’m so glad it finally happened! Do yourselves a favor, and try it out! Forest landed his first ice fishing rainbow trout and I couldn’t be more proud! Thanks for capturing the shot, Steph!!

And then, there was some CREATING happening...

So, the past few weeks, I’ve gotten myself into a fun little hobby.

While most of our rigs are now tubeless, there are still a couple that aren’t and even more used up, busted, pin holed tubes in bags in our garage. Cue my need to repurpose and upcycle those things!

I’m now making upcycled earrings from these used (and cleaned, I promise) bike tubes and selling them on an Etsy store. If you feel inspired, check ‘em out - www.etsy.com/shop/rebikecycle !

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