weekend recap: it’s good to get out

This is a new weekly series to share musings from the weekend. Random thoughts, snapshots and more will likely appear. Enjoy...

A storm blew in a few days ago - I think it was Thursday, but maybe Friday? Either way, a storm blew in. And with that storm, so did a head cold. So, I’m sipping tea, three days in, and reading random publications tonight with the hopes of kicking it by tomorrow. But this didn’t stop me from getting after that storm. Did we shred the gnar and get some epic pow pow? No. We booted up and got on the fat bikes because the ski hill is 45 minutes away but the trails are out the back door; and when you have a two year old and a two month old, sometimes, you take the more convenient route. Path of least resistance, right?

Weekends, for us, mean getting out and doing Something - ANYTHING, really, as long as it is outside. It could be dumping snow or a bluebird day, but as long as we’re feeling somewhat healthy, you’ll see us out there. Why? Because staying active is important. Connecting to our place is important. Being in the backcountry or on a local trail or hitting our favorite spot on the river through town IS important. But, most of all, it’s just Good to get out.

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