W(eekend) R(ecap): challenge meets reward

Sometimes, it’s tough to do the things you “want” to do.

Whether that’s sleeping in on a Sunday morning, getting those powder turns you so loved in seasons past or even staying up late talking “life” with other adults and a bottle of wine (um, and whiskey...)...

But! I’m here to tell you: the rewards are still rewarding - just in a different way.

I am challenged by my kids each and every day. Today, at 3am, it was getting a clean diaper on my daughter before she filled a new one (in case you’re wondering, I failed. Mom: 0, Abbey: 1 - cue a new onsie and mama feeling rather defeated).

By 630, it was getting my son to eat breakfast and put clothes on. He didn’t want to go in the kitchen because it was “too bright“ - yes, lights are needed in the morning, Forest - and “wasn’t ready“ to put clothes on for who knows what reason...

I am sure every parent has experienced some form of these challenges and struggles. But add another element - the Outdoors - and things can get interesting.

I can understand why super active people start to, hm...slow down? after having kids. You guys, it’s TOUGH. You think getting your ski pants on at 4am for a dawn patrol is hard? Try doing that PLUS wrangling a half-asleep 2 year old while your partner attempts to load the pulk and the dogs into the Subaru without getting frost bite - or just bitten.

Reality is, nothing worth doing is ever easy. My dad taught me that one - and still reminds me on occasion when I’m ranting about life.

In the end, our kids will either thank us or hate us for the things we put them through...I just hope it’s a mix of both to keep it all balanced ;)

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