Oh, hey there world. It’s me - the slacker.

I promised myself I would do my best to post a weekly weekend recap, but I’ve totally failed the past two weeks. I mean, I guess I have semi-valid reasons. Like, traveling across the country with two children, getting bumped from flights and trying to fit in some family time all while working crazy work schedules the past 10 days...I mean, that’s valid, right!?

I’m going to say “yes“ on that one...

So, here’s a couple snapshots from the past 10 days. And for all you mamas out there debating whether or not to pack up your babes and take them across the country on your own for a couple weeks, I'm talking to you right now: DO IT.

Don't hesitate, don’t question yourself, don't have ANY doubts whatsoever. Just buy the ticket, book the trip and make it happen. You won’t be disappointed. And If you want to talk about it, hit me up ;)

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