I’ve been reading a lot about growing a brand’s online presence - you know, getting more followers, more exposure, and ultimately (for some) more customers. I’m doing this more for the new work I am taking on than for my own channels. But, it has definitely caused some introspective moments and it is quite intriguing...

If I’m being honest, it took me a while to understand my “identity”.

Who I am today, is not who I was ten years ago. In fact, the girl from 2009 would never believe she’d be married to and have two amazing kiddos with a guy she couldn’t care less to be around six years prior to that, so...

And I realize, still, who I am today is not exactly who I’ll be another decade from now.

We evolve through life and our experiences build the person we are at any given moment of our existence. It’s incredible, really.

I feel like I “branded“ myself a long time ago: Photographer. I realized at an early age - back when social media wasn’t a ”thing” - that my passion and drive in life includes capturing a story through my lens for others to (hopefully) enjoy. But then, something else happened. I realized just how much being outside helped me feel whole. And even further, how sharing my passion for the outdoors with a partner - and eventually kids - makes me feel alive.

I went to college to learn how to create and facilitate educational opportunities for kids and adults in outdoor settings. I then furthered my education to gain more skills in making ideas “sticky“ so as to grow stewardship for resources and further inspire people to get outside. Now, after being in the communications (and freelance) field for as long as I have, I am realizing that this idea of “stickiness“ is so applicable in the marketing and social media world. While one’s identity is so so so personal to ones self, I also believe it is a “thing” with products and places. We identify with a product, a brand or a place because of experiences, beliefs, moral code, so on and so forth = our personal identity.

I am proud to call myself several things: an outdoorswoman, a fly fisher gal, a mountain mama...I identify myself under these titles because they paint a picture of how I live my life. I support organizations that are in line with my values, participate in activities that fulfill a deep desire within myself to be outdoors and connect with life-sustaining resources (water, earth, etc) and (here comes the marketing part) purchase goods and services that help me fulfill who I want to be for myself and family and intentionally or inadvertently “show” who I am to the world.

I could keep getting all sorts of pholosphical, but I’ll stop there - you’re not here to read a novel, I’m sure! But anyway...I am really excited for the new work I’m taking on and I hope you follow along for this wild ride. If you have any thoughts, go ahead and comment on this post - I would love to keep the conversation going!!

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