It’s a new year with new snow and I am (beyond) ready for new adventures...

To kick off 2019, we decided to load up the Jeep, bundle up the kiddos, wrangle the pooches and grab the gear and visit an easy-access, go-to spot of ours for any-season fun. Today’s agend - thanks to 20+ inches of fresh snow - had one outdoor activity on it: cross-country skiing.

I have to admit, I was pretty excited to get out of the house. Though I wanted to be outside ALL day, reality set in around 1030 that a noon departure was likely The best our little family would do...

After some waffles, eggs and lots of race car playing, we were off - with lunch in-tow because, let’s face it, it was already 1230...

The skies were clearing up in the valley, but as we climbed the road to the pass, snow was still falling heavily. If I’m being honest, I’ll tell you that as we neared our destination, I definitely had second thoughts about this spot. Maybe there’s too much snow? Maybe it’s too cold for our youngest (10 weeks old)? Maybe staying in the Valley - or even skiing around the neighborhood - would have been a better (easier) option? But we kept on - passing snow-stuck semi trucks along the way.

When we pulled into the USFS site, I couldn’t believe how much snow had accumulate! Sam obviously had a similar observation as he stated his uncertainty of our son’s ability to ski the conditions. But, we just drove 35 minutes to get some touring in, so by-Golly, let’s try it and see what happens.

Unloaded. Bundled up. Snow still falling. Slight breeze in the chilled air. Frustrated son. Fussing daughter. Anxious dogs...were the cards getting stacked against us?

If there’s one thing I have learned about kids - especially my kid - it’s that they can Stubborn. And if there is one thing I have learned from that, it is PATIENCE.

Once the dogs got to running and Abbey fell asleep, Forest was the last nut to crack. And the only way to crack that nut (especially when it was kind of nap time already) is to 1. Bribe (he loves chocolate cookies and gummy bunnies!) or 2. Spin the negative situation around and make whatever he is melting over, something awesome that He thought of. Since we were already a few hundred yards up the trail and neither of us wanted to ski back and dig through a mountain of randomness to find the snack bag, we went with Option 2.

Forest thought we were going downhill skiing, but we were in fact, going cross country skiing. He wanted his ski boots - he had his snow boots. He wanted his “old skis” - he had his “new skis” (both are hand-me-downs). He wanted to go “fast” - we were moving at a slower pace. He wanted to “pizza“ and “French fry“ - but he had to shuffle.

All these expectations paired with the actual reality of the situation were miles apart. But! In the end, the kid had SO much fun! Why? Because he LOVES to ski, regardless of the type, and SOMEHOW, we were able to convince him that shuffling along this isolated road, racing each other to the next tree/landmark and watching the snow fall was actually HIS idea and it was A GREAT one!

Being a parent can be tough, especially when you have expectations. And not the, like, BIG expectations (e.g., healthy child, ability to provide for your family, etc.), rather, an expectation like “we’re going to go skiing and it’s going to be great”. Reality is, you might get to the parking lot after a trying drive and end up just turning around and going home. It happens. It’s ok. Thankfully, that didn’t happen to us today. Instead, we endured and we were able to get some time on the snow with the whole family to kick off a new year - and some snacks when we got back to the Jeep ;)

Not too shabby...

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