My name is Ryan Michelle - aka RyOutside - and I'm an avid outdoorswoman, passionate photographer, writer & life-long adventure seeker.


I wear a lot of hats and the images I capture seek to share stories of who we are & the truths of our world.


I grew up in the hills of Pennsylvania & spent many years exploring the backwoods of my home state along miles of streams & singletrack. In 2009, I fell in love with the west after a short stint in the Colorado high country & found a home in a southern CO alpine desert by 2014.


My life is fueled by adventure & a passion to seek answers to unknown questions - the questions that draw our souls into the wildest of places, where we can truly learn what it is to Live.


I am a Senior/Digital Editor for Elevation Outdoors and Contributor on The Wade by Postfly. I have also had the opportunity to create content and contribute words and images for various brands and to great projects and publications (i.e., Southwest Fly Fishing, Trout Unlimited, Upper Rio Grande Guide, Sisu Magazine).

Thanks for stopping by...